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Monthly Archives: February 2016

20 Ways To Do Digital Marketing

One of the common mistakes that many small business owners make is making marketing play second fiddle to running their businesses. They concentrate on ensuring their employee perform, and customers are happy and dedicate a limited time to developing a marketing strategy. Marketing is the fuel that drives brand advertising to generate leads that ultimately […]

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Are Time Doctor Programs Unethical?

Being a freelancer is not easy, part of it is because some companies force you (yes, you can also use the other term require) to use a Time Doctor Program on your computer. And most of the time this program is invasive instead of helpful, find out more about it below: I was contacted recently […]

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Should You Consider Being A Freelancer?

As I was meditating yesterday (yes, meditation is good it makes your head clearer other than exercising) I began to look back at my SEO career and ask myself what could I have been if I continued being an employee versus an SEO agent working full time at home. I decided to write about it […]

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The Customer’s Emotion and Its Importance

When we have ourselves in a serious sit down with our business partners to discuss why our business isn’t selling, we often blame it to the logical side of our products and services. When we say logical side, these are the technical details we put into our products—taste, color, packaging, texture, and other physical details. […]

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Simple Blog Writing Tips Outside SEO

Not all people find blog writing as an easy task. Although most people find it easy because it is just about writing an opinion about a chosen topic in a niche, some still find it daunting. Of course, if you’re not a trained writer or if you don’t have a degree or formal study in […]

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Marketing Manila Vlog Series #2

(Cathy wrote a really good article on what we talked about yesterday, I think it is good to paste it here before I add my write up for the sake of my readers. Enjoy) Can you tell us something about yourself, educational background, previous works etc? I’m Catherine Quiambao, a freelancer working as a Marketing […]

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Google’s Favorite Weapon For Fighting ‘Spammers’

Recently, Google has been increasingly transparent regarding what they think about the SEO industry as a whole. As an example, the most recent version of the “Link Schemes” page (which is part of the Webmaster Guidelines section), pretty much damns any type of intentional link building, no matter how white hat it might have been […]

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Freelancing Clients From Hell

I never imagined SEO in the Philippines to become this big, so I guess one way or the other you will get to come across bad SEO clients. Some of these clients tend to be nice at first, but then they rush you with things they think are “easy’ to do while in fact they […]

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