Month: September 2016

Frequently Asked Questions You Should Know About Penguin 4.0’s 2016 Update

Google recently updated Penguin to 4.0, and we’ve assembled a Frequently Asked Questions-style list of all the things you should know regarding this: Q) What exactly is this “Penguin”? A) The Penguin update to Google’s algorithms puts a priority focus on any links that are pointing to your website. The biggest thing that Google is now looking for is the overall value or quality of any links directed towards your website. You now rank better when you have a higher number of high quality links. You can increase your link equity with these supposedly premium links, but Google still...

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Using The “2-Minute Rule” To Cut Out Procrastinating

Lately, we have made use of an easy rule that lets us destroy our procrastinating ways. It has really made thing easier in terms of staying committed to our better habits. We wish to tell you about this easy rule at this time so that you can give it a go for yourself and see if it is something that you can use. You want to know the great thing? The idea is very simple, and is extremely easy. Here’s what we want you to learn… How To Avoid Procrastination Using The “2-Minute Rule” We decided to name this...

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How to Jumpstart Your Success: Habits You Should Start Doing Now

How to Jumpstart Your Success: Habits You Should Start Doing Now Successful People Get Started Before They Think They Are Ready In 1966, a sixteen-year-old dyslexic boy dropped out of high school.  He started a magazine with a friend for students and earned money through selling ads to local businesses. He started with just a small amount of money, running his operation out of a local church crypt. After four years, he started to search for ways to expand his small business so he started to sell records through the mail to the students who purchased his magazine.  He...

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