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How To Price Your SEO Services Correctly

First Of All- Don’t Ever Make Price One Of Your Selling Points As soon as you do that- you will no longer be seen as a marketing partner, but instead as somebody selling a commodity. Everybody has a fairly good idea of what cable TV costs. Or the average heating bill. Or gas. These are commodity industries, and by in large they are driven by price. Customer loyalty basically doesn’t exist. It mainly depends on how much money can be saved by going with one vendor compared to the others. A big mistake that so many marketing agencies make when...

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What Is The Difference Between Sales And Marketing?

In a recent interview that I had with a really big SEO Guru I was asked what is the difference between marketing and sales. I believe that I was able to answer him thoroughly, but then I think it would be better if I include this topic in my blog just for my readers to appreciate. What Is The Definition Of Sales? If you remember Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, perhaps you also recall the scene in which the main character, Jordan Belfort, brought to life by Leonardo DiCaprio, challenges his friends to sell him his fountain pen....

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3 Important Takeaways

The unthinkable has finally happened. No one in the IM world ever thought that Google could publicly disclose the Quality Rater’s Guidelines and Handbook, but that is exactly what has happened. If you have been following the tech news, you must have heard that Google has finally publicly disclosed the handbook. The guide is 160 pages long, and you need one or four cups of coffee to go through the manual in one sitting, but this is nothing short of the Holy Grail of the search engine optimization world. In fact, some minds in the Internet marketing world quickly branded...

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